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Pi Wars is the brain child of Tim Richardson and Mike Horne in the United Kingdom.  It is a challenge-based robotics competition in which Raspberry Pi controlled cars are designed, built and programmed by individuals and teams to compete in events. We at Achievement House Cyber Charter School are very excited about this event, and we are even more excited to bring PiWars to the United States!


Something you may not have heard about are Raspberry Jams.
Raspberry Jams are community events where people come together to learn, share, and play with the Raspberry Pi.  Jam events have workshops for beginners, drop-in sessions to work on your own projects, show-and-tell, talks, and more.


What better way to learn about Robotics, Raspberry Pi, Electronics, and more while having fun? We're combining the best of both worlds with our Pi Wars USA Experience event - where you can attend and learn about Raspberry Pi, Robotics, Electronics, and even Drones - thanks to a demonstration provided by Flexright Solutions.

Attendees are also able to build their very own robotic car at our Build-A-Pi Robotic Workshop*, and compete in four challenges listed below;


Line Following

Your robot will use their line following sensor to autonomously follow a ½ inch black line on a white background around this special arena. The better your coding and placement of the sensor, the better your robot will follow the twists and turns of the line following track!

Control method: Autonomous

Obstacle Course

Robots will navigate an obstacle course that includes multi-leveled paths, lumpy surfaces, and a few surprises. The goal is to complete the course - all obstacles must be attempted.

Control Method: Remote controlled


Like the cowboys at the O.K. Corral, robots will face off against each other. This non-destructive battle which will test the driving skills of the operator and the maneuverability of the robot to see who can pop the other’s balloon first. Robots will be armed with a pin on the end of a metal wire and must use this pin to burst balloons attached to the other robot. Your robot must be able to hold a wire 2.5mm in diameter, .5” off the ground. The method of attachment can be done with something as simple as duct tape. (we will have wire coat hangers available)

Control method: Remote-controlled

Line Following RaceTrack

Two robots with line sensors will autonomously race along a curvy black line approximately .5” wide on a white background track. The better programmed line sensor will surely make it to the finish line first!

Control method: Autonomous

The Pi Wars USA Experience isn't limited to drones and robotics - See other cool things you can do with Raspberry Pi! And, if you are a car enthusiast, you'll be excited to have the opportunity to meet some of the staff at Turn5, who are proud to host this event!

* Materials Fee and pre-registration REQUIRED to participate in our Build-A-Pi Workship

Sounds Exciting? 

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